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61 Penn Penthouse

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2014 at 7:27 AM
61 Penn Penthouse
(1 Bed, 1 1/2 Bath)

61 Penn Apartments' penthouse invites you in with open lofty space. Stepping through the front door of our top floor apartment, you immediately feel the urban deco surround you as you walk across the catwalk above the unit. 61 Penn also gives you all the utilities and modern pleasures you could ever desire, from a pool and hot tub with breathtaking views, to a 72" television and fireplace in the living room. If you're looking for a way to fit into the big city with style, look no further than 61 Penn!

This is the first installment of my 'Man Cave' series, with the theme being 'bachelor pad.' The perfect place for your single sim to host parties, woo women, and have a couple drinks with the guys! There's something screwy with the wide angle view for taking screenshots so my apologies for not having better screenshots, they definitely do not do this place justice.


Lobby - Palm trees, center fountain, two lounge seating areas, a reception desk, mailboxes

Second Floor of the Penthouse - Pool, hot tub, two sun chairs, great view

First Floor of the Penthouse...
Kitchen - Fridge, stove, microwave, sink, dishwasher, full bar
Living Room - L-sofa, large TV, sound system, fireplace, 2 arcade games, 2 video games, seating at counter for eating
Office - computer, guitar, treadmill
Bedroom - King sized bed, sofa, TV, laundry basket
Master Bathroom - Sink, luxury bathtub, shower, access to laundry room

Expansion Packs...
- Ambitions
- Late Night
- Seasons

Stuff Packs...
- High-End Loft Stuff

No CC required!

Furnished - §110,765
Unfurnished - §12,917

Size - 20x40

(Named after the album "61 Penn" by the band Crucial Dudes)

Lot Size: 20x40
Lot Price: 110,765