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Sinch-Waist Top Adult and Teen

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Uploaded: 30th Apr 2015 at 2:01 AM
Hey Everyone,

I decided to modify one of the base-game blouses. I'm not really a button person myself, so I removed those. Also the gap at the top of the blouse has been removed to give it a more modest appearance

This is mainly a recolor of one of EA's base-game tops. The ruffles on the sleeves of the adult mesh have been scaled up slightly. The teen mesh has not been altered.

Age and Gender
This top is for females - teen and adult, and is NOT compatible for pregnancy.

It can be found in Create-A-Sim > Everyday > Tops

Color Channels
It has three colorable parts (see pics above)

Thanks to everyone who makes the awesome meshing tools, plug-ins, and tutorials!

Polygon Counts:
Teen Adult
3140 3140