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The Cranberry Nectary was built in the late 1800s by Lord Malcolm Langraab after his extended stay in Champ Les Sims, France. The young lord loved France so much, that he married a local French girl and spirited her back to Sunset Valley. A descendant of acclaimed nectar-makers, the girl wanted to share a bit of her country's culture with Sunset Valley and so persuaded her new husband to fund a building project. The Cranberry Nectary was completed four years later. Though were a few hiccups along the way, as not many French grapes are hardy enough to withstand the Valley's winters. However, cranberries, originally an experiment by a director of the nectary, have flourished. The cranberries of the Cranberry Nectary have just the right amount of sweet and tart and have made exquisite nectars for nearly a century.

Come enjoy the sights and aromas of the Cranberry Nectary! Newly refurbished to bring it into the modern age, but still holding close to that old-school charm. The Nectary hosts an inn for extended visits, as well as a continental breakfast!

Explore our vineyards and orchards, while sampling some of our nectar! Perhaps enjoy a fine red nectar by the fireplace, following a delectable dinner. And why not book our lovely views of the Valley for those special occasions?

Want to stay longer, perhaps for a honeymoon? Stay a time at our lovely inn! We have beautiful rooms fit for any personality!

Tour our facilities! Maybe even try out nectar-making yourself!

We invite you to come and sample the fruits of our labor!

The needed expansion pack for this lot is, of course, World Adventures. I did use the Rustic Column from Pets, but it should work fine without that EP. I also used the MoveObjects cheat to arrange the columns, but that shouldn't interfere with gameplay. I have absolutely no custom content in my game, so it's definitely CC free.

Enjoy! ^_^

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 166817
Lot Price (unfurnished): 98298