J. Clark Maxwell (No CC)

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..... This sim is an homage to one of historiy's geniuses, James Clerk Maxwell, a mathematician and Physicist whose work makes Physics the science it is today. But rather than render a likeness of that brilliant Scot, maybe a resemblance to a character on "The Big Bang Theory", so a tip of the hat to both. If you like the resemblance, then I've achieved my goal. See the pictures in game.
..... The adult female sim with Clark in-game is my Mei-yu Chan, available at http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=554698
..... No custom content was used. He is ready to go in your game no matter what as I have only the basic game so not even and EP or SP is required.
..... Download the file and transfer the contents of the "(sim4) J CLARK MAXWELL" folder into your game's Tray folder. Hope everyone enjoys my little experiment

Additional Credits:
No CC, SP or EP required.
MS Paint

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