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Swimwear collection "Sunny day"

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Uploaded: 16th Dec 2019 at 7:26 PM
Hello to all!
I came to you with an update, I want to introduce a collection of swimwear "Sunny Day".
Don?t think that I?ve lost my mind Now it?s not summer at all, but I brought swimsuits! I just want to catch up with the theme (A Day At The Beach) and prepare your girls for the next summer season in one go.
All swimwear have a diverse style and different textures, you can choose to your taste.
I hope your sim girls will like the new costumes!

- The collection of clothes belongs to the category swimsuit
- Created based on the game grid of the base game
- These are for child

Textures and images Credits:

1 To create a texture of 1 Swimwear - site kupalniki.com (photo )
2 To create a texture of 2 Swimwear - site sanselle.fr (photo )
3 To create a texture of 3 Swimwear - site tadland.ru (photo )
4 To create a texture of 4 Swimwear - site arinashop.ru (photo )
5 To create a texture of 5 Swimwear - site arinaballerina.ru (photo )

Additional Credits:
Adobe Photoshop CS6,
The Compressorizer