Instructors with Personality! [TESTERS WANTED]

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Uploaded: 20th Jan 2016 at 1:12 AM
Updated: 24th May 2021 at 10:06 PM - Error Fix
EDIT MAY 24, 2021: There seemed to be a token issue with the original upload from 2016. With some fiddling, I think I have fixed the issue on the four versions. I tested them and they all seemed to be working fine. Please let me know if anyone has any issues!

Welcome to Project Zanes Hollow! In this download, you will find 20 default replacement Iconic Hobbyists for your hobby-loving Sims! There are four different versions for different types of Simmers: those who have Seasons and those who don't; and those who want the FreeTime playable premades (Picaso and Cooke families) and those who don't. Of course, no matter what version you choose, FreeTime is required!

What This Is:
This is a default replacement FreeTime stealth hood similar to Jawusa's Clean And Empty Stealth Hood Templates, to give only one example. As such, it contains all of the Maxis Hobby Lots in their original form. The only difference between the stealth hood included in this download and the stealth hood included in the game is that this download has different Iconic Hobbyists (a.k.a. Hobby Instructors).

What This Does:
As with any Townie/NPC pool replacement, it will not affect neighborhoods that already have the FreeTime stealth hood installed. As such, it will only be installed into new neighborhoods or neighborhoods that have not been played with FreeTime installed.

About This Set:
As aforementioned, this set includes four versions! There are two versions that require Seasons in addition to FreeTime, and two that only require FreeTime. Then, each of those have a version with the FreeTime playable premades (Picaso and Cooke families) and a version without the premades.

All four versions, of course, include twenty Hobby Iconists; two for each of the ten hobbies! Every Sim has been given a unique personality. This means that each Sim has a set personality (obviously), Zodiac sign, Aspiration, Lifetime Want, interests, skills, badges, and even a description! They are Instructors with Personality!

Some of the Sims' names are puns of famous TV show characters and their actors (Hint: Sherlock), and famous books (Hint: Frankenstein). Other names have word origins that related to the Sim's personality. Others are simply puns of words, stereotypical names, or just obscure words. The point is, all names have a point; however pointless!

The Sims:
I have placed every detail about every Sim below, inside the spoiler; except for their interests. Obviously, it contains spoilers. If you want to learn about a Sim naturally through normal gameplay, you can do that! Every bit of information below, including their descriptions, will be viewable in-game. If you'd like to be able to see them together, I have uploaded them here for easy viewing! Of course, you don't have to go there, because every bit of information located there is located here!

Many of these Sims have outfits that have been hidden by hiders like this, so make sure that you do not have any of those before you download this set, or accept that most of these Sims will have randomized outfits.

As for the faces, I tried to make each one unique while also keeping them from being too drastic as to look good with any default skins a Simmer may have. The base of the faces were made by selzi in her Defuglified Maxis faces. Each face was obviously edited, but they may show slight resemblances.

Differences between the FreeTime-only version and the Seasons version:
There are two differences between these two versions:
  1. Two Sims have Lifetime Wants that are included in Seasons, so they are going to be randomized in the FreeTime-only version if you do not have FreeTime.* They are listed in the above spoiler, so I won't spoil it for you here. The names of the Sims in question are Coraline Dissembler and Sheri Bene if you want to know the names but not their stories.
  2. One Nature-loving Hobbyist is a PlantSim in the Seasons version and a normal Sim in the FreeTime-only version. So if you're playing a neighborhood that does not include supernaturals, feel free to download the FreeTime-only version!

*The FreeTime-only version was made with Seasons included so the outerwear and LifeTime wishes will be set if you have Seasons and download the FreeTime-only version. This works because Seasons was an earlier EP and so the game works completely fine without it. That being said, obviously I made two versions for a reason, because Plantsims are a different story than the outerwear category and LTWs. This has been comprehensively play-tested with FreeTime only, and checked with Hoodchecker, so there should be no issues. Obviously, I can't promise your hood will not be corrupted, but it shouldn't be because of this download. Always make sure you follow the tips listed here to avoid game corruption!


If you look at the descriptions of the Sims and realize that a certain detail does not match up with what is in your game, aside from the LTW changes mentioned above, please let me know. I tried very hard to make sure that every version of a Sim was the same, but with four different versions, I am bound to have made a mistake somewhere! Obviously, the core of the Sims (as in, the NPCness) should be 100% correct, but the little details like LTWs and such might not be.

The Sims Studio for The Sims 2
Meetme2theriver's Clean Stealth Hood
Jawusa's Clean And Empty Stealth Hood Templates
selzi's Defuglified Maxis faces - All Sim's faces have been edited, of course. However, I used selzi's default replacement templates as a base. SimPE