Classic Trench for Teens

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Uploaded: 15th Feb 2016 at 10:46 PM
Updated: 16th Feb 2016 at 3:42 PM - Add credit to Anubis's teen conversion tutorial
Pretty straightforward and boring compared to my previous uploads, but also, I daresay, one which far many more people will get use out of. After seeing the lovely Buckley use an unlocked version of the Ambitions EP private eye outfit for one of her sim stories, I got to thinking how wonderful it would be to have it for teens as well, who have so little clothing in the game as it is, let alone anything as nice and classic as this.

I did not alter the adult mesh, merely moved the vertices at the neck and ankle seams to match teen presets, and also subtly rescaled and reshaped the torso to better fit teen proportions. However, since no version of this mesh previously existed explicitly for teens, this is technically a "new" mesh, and therefore you do NOT need the Ambitions EP to have this in the game.

I have taken more extensive liberties with the texture: not only did I make a new, more dramatic bumpmap and dial the specular way down, but I have also added a canvas/linen texture to both textures so as to add interest and make EA's usually excessive shine level feel more palatable. I opted to modify the shine rather than remove it entirely, because velocitygrass has an excellent mod that allows you to do that in-game already.

The fat morph is rather lumpy toward the far end of the slider, but even just taking it down to 70/30 fat/thin (as seen in the third morph here) drastically improves the smoothness.

There are no gaping seams as far as I have been able to tell, both from in-game screenshots and from checking in Milkshape. Ankle gaps do not appear with most shoes, including Bloom's feet (not shown) and JoshQ's height-altering heels (shown in first preview shot), as well as all shoes based on EA's foot mesh.

TF, enabled for everyday, formal and outerwear.
Not valid for random or career by default.
Four recolorable channels (coat, tailored details, underdress, buttons)
All LOD's and morphs except for the pregnant morph are supported.
File size: ~2 MB (1024x1024 textures)

Polygon Counts:
~4200 polys, ~2900 vertices

Additional Credits:
Mesh credits: EA
Tools used: Milkshape 1.8.5, CMarNYC's phenomenal Mesh Toolkit, Delphy's CTU, PS6, GIMP 2.0
Anubis360 for this tutorial that taught me the basics of converting.

Thanks to CMarNYC for the awesome Mesh Toolkit, and to Delphy for giving me a way to make CC without having to resort to the haunted house program that is TSRW.