"The Winterberries" - Two New Dresses for Children

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2014 at 6:18 PM

These two dresses are modifications of a couple of store meshes. "Snowberry" started as a somewhat bulky sweater top, but I ripped off the sleeves and added a skirt and retextured it. "Winterberry" is an alteration of another store sweater top. I always thought that the original version fell strangely around the waist, and I rarely used it because of that. However, I'm pretty happy with how it looks as a dress/sweater combo. =)

Basic Information:
  • For female children.
  • They appear in the everyday, formalwear, and career categories. "Snowberry" is also enabled for outerwear, but neither of them are set as valid for random (meaning they won't randomly appear on townies).
  • Snowberry has three channels, the sweater dress, the undershirt, and the buttons. Winterberry has four channels, the sweater, the dress, the scarf, and the hem.
  • Frankenmeshed from various EA clothes, they both have working morphs and proper LODs.
  • Custom thumbnails for easy recognition.

Finally, if you use and enjoy the content I create, please consider taking a look at this GoFundMe campaign to help a fellow simmer improve her quality of life and regain some of her independence. Thank you.

Polygon Counts:
Snowberry - 3242
Winterberry - 3484

Additional Credits:
Spladoum for the awesome kid poses (THANK YOU!!!), CmarNYC for the meshing toolkit, Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE, and the creators of Milkshape, CTU, Balancer Lite, and all the many, many tutorials I used. <3