Burkini Muslim Swimsuit

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A burkini swimsuit is a type of swimsuit designed to comply with the Quranic specifications for Muslim women to dress modestly. The word "burkini" is a combination of "burqa" and "bikini". The suit covers the whole body except the face, the hands and the feet, whilst being light enough to enable swimming.

When I play the Sims I go for realism. Muslims is a part of multicultural Europe, so naturally there are Muslims in my game. There isn't much Muslim clothing around for the Sims, though with a little creativity and the games inbuilt pattern editor you can accommodate most of the suit types. Swimsuits on the other hand is harder to find. As a matter of fact I only found one that was a conversion of an everyday Salwar Kameez. So I created a couple of Muslim swimsuits for the Sims.

Normally a Burkini has a fixed hood that is a part of the swimsuit it self. Because of the games limitation I have not made a hood, but I have made the neck as high as possible, so that it would fit with the in game Scooba hoods from EP 10 Island paradise. If you don't have Island paradise you can also use the Shower cap from EP 6 Show time. Of cause it also works fine with the Hijabs from Skeletal Screams or Procrasimnation


BurkiniMediumSkirt is a recolor from a TankDress from the Stuff Pack: Diesel. So you will need that stuff pack in order to use it.
BurkiniWideSkirt is a recolor from the base game Cheerleader outfit. So it will work in any game combination.

Both version are enabled from teen through elder. Both are made in tree colors. BurkiniMediumSkirt in coral blue, bright spring green, and purple. BurkiniWideSkirt in coral blue, bright spring green, and dusty red. This is the type of colors that you would typically see Burkini's in. I haven't made any floral designs, but it is fully possible to do with the pattern editor in game.

Age: Teen Young Adult Adult Elder
Gender: Female
Clothing Type: Swimwear
Clothing Style: Modern Alternative
Other Type: Not Applicable
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Outfit Type: Full Outfit

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