Bathing Beth – Retro Swimsuit for Teen-Elder

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Uploaded: 12th Jun 2022 at 4:12 PM
With summer here, I thought I’d share this swimsuit. It’s another piece of clothing made with my Beth Harmon sim in mind, but is sure to look good on anyone. Beth is in her swimsuit for probably less than a minute in the entire series, but it was cute, and I’m a perfectionist who needs to recreate the sim as accurately as possible, so here we are.

Luckily for me, the retro swimsuit from TS4 Seasons was a close match. A conversion and simple mesh edit were all I needed for it to be fit for Beth. Gone were the buttons and in its place a belt clasp, and voila, I give you Bathing Beth.

  • For females, teen-elder
  • Categorized as Swimwear
  • Maternity enabled for all ages, teen-elder. It is not enabled for random
  • It has four recolourable channels, comes with 3 presets and custom thumbnails

LOD1: 4238
LOD2: 1874
LOD3: 808

LOD1: 4214
LOD2: 1874
LOD3: 808

LOD1: 4238
LOD2: 1874
LOD3: 808

Model credits:
Skin: Kurasoberina
Eyes: Brntwaffles
Adult Hair: Plumdrops
Teen Hair: ModdishKitten
Elder Hair: Buckley
Poses: Elexis/k2m1too