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Bon Appetit Dining Set: Three TS2 Conversions

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Uploaded: 5th Sep 2016 at 12:37 AM
Here are three new conversions from TS2.

Converted items:
Luxiary "Ample King" Dining Table
Frost de Fleur Bud Vase
Bon Appetit Dining Chair

These objects look their best when objects are set to "High".

The flower has to be unlocked, however you can use the cheat bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement (If you don't mind using cheats to unlock every unlockable) to unlock it, as it was cloned from a flower which needs to be unlocked.

Hope you like them! They should all be BG compatible but if anyone has problems please let me know!

The objects may appear to have small gaps when Objects are set to "Medium" or "Low" (LOD1) in the Graphics options tab. This is because I used Blender's "Decimate" function to lower the poly count, and it slightly warped the meshes (you'll see what I mean if you look at the chair's black and gold seat texture with Objects set to "Low" or "Medium").

Prices and descriptions are the same as they are in TS2 (with the exception of the flower).

Bon Appetit Dining Chair: $880 Comfort>Dining Chairs
Luxiary "Ample King" Dining Table: $850 Surfaces>Dining Tables
Frost de Fleur Bud Vase: $30 Decorations>Indoor Plants (Note: This appears under the name "A Single Rose" in the catalog, I don't exactly know why but maybe because it's a "special" item? However the object still appears like it does in the preview images.)

This may become part of a bigger TS2-TS4 conversion set if I find time.

Polygon Counts:
Dining chair:
LOD0 (High)
Verts: 1471
Polys: 1394

LOD1 (Medium)
Verts: 1174
Polys: 978

LOD0 (High)
Verts: 1457
Polys: 1208

LOD1 (Medium)
Verts: 1014
Polys: 716

LOD0 (High)
Verts: 556
Polys: 600

LOD1 (Medium)
Verts: 365
Polys: 302

Additional Credits:
SimPe: http://sims.ambertation.de/en/
This conversion tutorial: http://www.sims4studio.com/thread/9...sims-2-object-4
Sims4Studio: http://www.sims4studio.com/
Blender: http://www.blender.org/