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Garden Ground – a terrain paint that matches the Seasons field

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Uploaded: 20th Nov 2016 at 7:24 PM
This is a very simple upload – as the title says, it’s a terrain paint that matches the garden field from Seasons. It was annoying for me that Maxis didn’t provide a matching terrain paint, only some floors that didn’t blend well with anything, so I went and made one. The texture size is 1024x1024; normally 512x512 is good enough, but to match a texture that is basically a floor covering (the field), the terrain paint has to be larger. 256x256 is very common for terrain paints, but I wouldn’t recommend that, such small textures look very blurred in the game (and of course some Maxis terrain paints are like that :/ Maybe I’ll go and fix them at some point, who knows).

The in-game description will appear in Polish for the Polish version of the game, and in English for other languages.