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High Quality Ground (8 terrain paints)

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Uploaded: 20th Dec 2016 at 2:59 AM
Another set of high quality terrain paints, this time a small one with ground textures (like before, the size is 1024x1024). The textures are found in the game files and via Google – I used some free ones, for example from Texturelib or DeviantArt (e.g. this one by FabooGuy). Some of them were already seamless, some of them I had to edit to make them tileable, and some I blended with Maxis base game textures. One of the coverings isn’t ground (or ground with a bit of grass), but the Maxis grass with grey ground bits, made high quality. Because of the texture size you can zoom in without seeing the blurriness effect, which is especially noticeable in the comparison pictures with Maxis coverings.