Kitchen Set consisting of Recolors of Objects from Base Game, Nightlife and Pets

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Uploaded: 28th Jan 2017 at 11:37 PM
Updated: 16th Oct 2017 at 5:43 AM
The color scheme of some Glamour Life walls and two tiled floors from OFB inspired me to these recolors.
I have changed the colors a little bit, that in case you want really to use these recolors with these walls, the furnishing will not vanish.
First I did not want to make these counters without flowers, but the trash compactor has forced me to do it.
The trash compactor in a flower-counter leads to a half flower appearing at the bottom right.
To cover the stainless trash compactor i made a stainless counter too.
With the stainless stove I am not 100% satisfied, maybe it is not better to make.
I was not sure, if I should do the white and yellow recolor of the Nuclear Chair, because there are white and yellow original colors.
But now I did them too.
In my Upload of the shiny fridge-recolors, I forgot a pink original color to make shiny.
Now this shiny fridge you will get here.

I hope, you can need these recolors.

Catalogue Info:
Krampft Kitchen Counter (BG): Surfaces//Counters//Price: 140 §
NuMica Allinall Card Table (BG): Surfaces//Tables//Price: 95 §
PatioPlastics Dining Chair (BG): Comfort//Dining Chairs//Price: 80 §
Dialectric ReadyPrep Range: Appliances//Cooking//Price: 400 §
Brand Name "EconoCool" Refrigerator: Appliances//Refrigerator//Price: 600 §
Gagmia Simore "RefuseNik" Trash Compactor: Appliances//Large//Price: 375 §
Wishy-Washy from Brandname LX: Appliances//Large//Price: 550 §
Hipster Metal Chair by Big Daddy (NL): Comfort//Dining Chairs//Price: 350 §
Vintage Retro Classic Dining Table (NL): Surfaces//Tables//235 §
American Tableau Table (NL): Surfaces//Tables//425 §
ShinyTyme Kitchen Sink by Gurglomics (NL): Plumbing//Sinks//300 §
Nuclear Family Dining Chair by Nucular Novelties (Pets): Comfort//Dining Chairs//450 §

This is an overview:

The 2x1 table in the following picture is made by CTNutmegger and can be downloaded from here.
It takes all Recolors from the Numica-Table. This could make the recolors even more useful for you. There is also a 3x1 table.

Here you can see a detailed picture of the Hipster Metal Chair's recolored surface.

And here you will see, why I had to make counters whitout flowers. Please look at the trash compactor!

Additional Credits:
Numenor's CEP -,
Maxis/EA Games for all textures I used.
GIMP, The Compressorizer,
CTNutmegger for the useful table
and HugeLunatic for showing me CTNutmegger's Tables,