ElvisWear: Studded Jeans and More Studs Jackets

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Uploaded: 1st Mar 2017 at 9:03 PM
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ElvisWear clothes are made specifically to suit your Elvis Sim. They will work just as well for Sim Elvis impersonators and those Sims with a taste for studded glitz.

The ElvisWear Studded Jeans are made of dark blue-grey stretch denim. They are flared at the bottom allowing Sims to twist turn and wiggle their hearts out without the embarrassment of ripped seams.
ElvisWear jeans are decorated with hand placed, brass studs coated so they will retain their shine through repeated washing.

The ElvisWear More Studs Jackets are the perfect match for our studded jeans. The jackets come in three styles so your Sims can choose just how many brass and steel studs they want; "Scant" for the reserved Sims, "Extra Metal" (A couple of ounces heavier, but oh so studded!), and our top of the line "Full On King" for those that want the most shine possible. Each jacket back is emblazoned with the EA bird emblem plated with 14 Karat gold, the way Elvis (lover of all thing shiny and ornate) would have wanted it.

Hand washing or dry cleaning is recommended as putting these clothes through your washer could damage the washer.

Sims 4 Studio
Maxis Meshes by EA
Additional Maxis Studs by EA
Stud designs by me.