~ Odette's curse ~ TSM Swan Gown conversion in selected Pooklet colours

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Uploaded: 15th Jun 2017 at 1:56 PM
Updated: 17th Jun 2017 at 8:41 PM
Always happy to bring you more beauty ) Today I'm glad to share a set of 11 recolours of a gorgeous feathered Swan Gown converted from TSM by Cynnix, here.
  • Mesh NOT included Please, go grab it at Cynnix's LJ.
  • 3,1k polys - reasonably low for such a wonderful dress
  • Works for (young) adults
  • Categorised as Formal only
  • Has fat and preg morphs (fat state can be seen on Grenade, Powder Cake and Shock Wave colours)
  • I tried to take pics with less clipping possible, however, as usual with billowy gowns, expect some clipping in the ankle and foot area when the sim is walking (can see this on HMX colour screenshot) and hands sinking in the skirt (Flash Powder and Fluorophore pictures)
  • 11 colours of Pooklet palette that I thought work best on this mesh. If you want the rest of Pooklet's colours, grab Photoshop actions here, and extract Volatile textures to run them on. If you want another colour set, you can grab Keoni's white recolour here and use it as a base.
  • The files are clearly labeled, so you can remove the colours you don't want.

This seems to be about it ) Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Cynnix, for the original conversion.
Keoni, for her white recolour I used as a base to create mine
Pooklet, for the wonderful colour actions
Delphy, for making a place to learn and share our creations