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Hold the Gin, Dahling! - Maternity Wear for the Affluent Lady

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Uploaded: 20th Aug 2017 at 10:36 PM
Updated: 22nd Aug 2017 at 8:11 PM
While the pitter patter of tiny little feet is an absolutely splendid gift, one must make rather large sacrifices; the greatest being the loss of the pitter patter of a tiny little (mahoosive) gin into one's glass of an evening at one of one's country estates. Following on from that is the horrendous lack of flattering dresses that will accommodate one's burgeoning waistline.

The "Agnes" is the perfect outfit for those ladies who find themselves awaiting the arrival of a little one, but just can't possibly look ghastly when out and about in public. It boasts a cropped jacket with a brooch fastening over flattering dress of a modest length; perfect for those days when you're simply too full of caviar or babies to fit into your favourite House of Crumplebottom Couture.

There is one channel with four different options:

a) Jacket
b) Dress
c) Brooch Stone
d) Brooch Setting

Enabled for:


Base Game Compatible

Created for the Maternity and Beyond Theme!

Polygon Counts:
LOD1 - 2661
LOD2 - 1408
LOD3 - 821

Additional Credits:
Additional Credits:
Simlicious' wonderful tutorials
My lovely friend Ninjaofthepurplethings for Ivy (the redhead model)