Newport Elegance - No CC

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This is probably the biggest project I have ever done. If you are doing a mansion, why do things halfway after all? So this lot include nearly everything I could think of. Inspired by this house plan.

The general idea was to keep a blue theme for reception rooms, shifting to red/pink for more private/family rooms and green for service rooms. As I kept some patterns from one area to another I think it still keeps a coherent ensemble. I really tried to exploit all Ambitions possibilities so you'll find all you need for independent careers!

List of rooms
Perfect garden, with a money tree (all fruits and vegetables from base game)
Game area for children
activities and statues everywhere
swimming pool in a lake! (I'm really really happy how that turned out)

Ground level
Two garages

First level
Exterior living room with chimney
Formal living room
Grand staircase
Formal dinning room
Butler pantry
enormous kitchen (including that lifetime reward for replicating meals)
breakfast nook
big two-stories family room

Second level
Guest bedroom with chimney and attached bathroom
Twin bedroom with chimney and attached bathroom
Nursery with attached bathroom
Master bedroom with chimney and study nook
Master bath
Laundry room
TV room
game room
activity room

Third level
child's room
treasure room

Everything is upgraded, either unbreakable or self-cleaning. As you can see, this mansion relies heavily on sim's made stuff. Many paintings everywhere (many masterpieces), cut gems, etc.

Games requirements
Ambitions is really necessary. No skipping that one.
Pets is only used to add pet-related objects, so it should work fine without it. The house is friendly for dogs and cats.
Island Paradise is used for one tree, should be fine without it.

Only free store content:
Earth Day
Eye of the Bolder ‘10 (Bryan The Valentine Bear)
Happy Valentines Day 2014! (Hanging Hearts)
Year of the Tiger
Year of the Rabbit

Lot information
Lot size: 64x64
Lot price (unfurnished): 236 648$
Lot price (furnished): 738 609$