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"Essential Home" Plastic Mailboxes

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Uploaded: 5th Feb 2018 at 11:16 PM
Updated: 30th Jan 2019 at 4:59 AM - updated requirements
Well, I've been informed that these won't work with anything before Mansion & Garden, due to the way EAxis rejigged the texture names and...something like that. I'm in the process of uploading something for a mailbox cover in the same palette (as requested in these comments), but it's not quite the same, unfortunately.

After the success of my Dana Modular Sofa recolors, I'm going full steam ahead (well...what counts as full steam for me) with continuing this color group. Today, I bring you...mailboxes!

They're designed to look more like cheapish plastic than metal and wood, the kind you'd get as part of a temporary housing situation before graduating back to full furniture, or, alternatively, a nice plastic cover to keep the original from getting bad. (I don't actually have a mailbox IRL so I don't know how that works.) Whatever. Plastic mailboxes! Very durable in the strange weather of SimCity and its outlying suburbs!

It can be hard to see the little mail flaggy doohopper when both the box and the post are set to the same color (flag matches post, not box), but the idea was to mix and match as seen in the thumbnail rather than to completely, straight-up make it match. But I can't tell you what to do, live your own life, find your bliss, match those mailboxes to your heart's content. Admittedly, some of the patterns look a little bit silly when applied to a regular mailbox, but they look better on the apartment box. That's right! These colors work for apartments too, in the event you're color-coding those!

All files have been compressorized, so they should be good to go. They're also named by color.

Additional Credits:
Target.com for the photos of the fabric storage bins (x) (x) (x, for some reason the pink is no longer displayed) (x) (x)
FilterForge 7 's Computer Plastic texture filter