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EarthBound :: Otherwordly Foes

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Uploaded: 6th Aug 2018 at 11:57 PM
Updated: 19th Jan 2022 at 10:46 PM
EarthBound : Otherwordly Foes
Starman Jr, Starman Super and Ghost of Starman

3 Otherworldly Foes from the classic SNES RPG game EarthBound, brought to Sims 2 for your pleasure.


Check the picture bin for more pictures.
Starmen don't understand the human concept of changing clothes, so they wear the same outfit all the time. Which means their otherworldly outfit is wearable at all times but you will have to manually choose that in your game; otherwise you will see them in random Maxis outfits, lol.

ONE MESH NEEDED -> Surgical mask MESH by boblishman
The mesh is super important if you want them to have their special Starman face.

Their face sculpt is an edit of my previous sim Cizzaro - when they came on Earth, it's the first sim they saw, so all three adapted his face to their own.
When they wear their special outfit, their torso takes a wider shape than their bodies normally have. That is a special tactic to inspire fear. Please be polite and act afraid, even if you only think they look weird.

That's it. Enjoy!