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[3to2] Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6)

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Uploaded: 27th Feb 2020 at 7:05 PM
Updated: 15th Mar 2020 at 5:09 PM

Custom Content by Me:
- Hiro Hamada
- ws_hiroeyes
- ws_hirotop

Custom Content Included:

Custom Sliders Used:

Hiro is Base Game compatible.

Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) is the protagonist of Disney's 2014 animated feature film Big Hero 6.

Hiro is a fourteen-year-old robotics prodigy living in San Fransokyo under the care of his aunt and older brother, Tadashi.

He has intelligence far beyond his years. For example, he graduated from high school when he was 13. Because of this, he can be rather brazen and cocky, but never to the point of being annoying and insufferable.

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Base Game compatible
Recolour of Base Game content

Base Game compatible
Gender: Male
Ages: Teen
Category: Everyday
Type: Top
Recolour of DeeDee-Sims' 4to2 V-Neck Shirt

Additional Credits:
- This Sim has been checked and packaged with Mootilda's Sims2Pack Clean Installer V1.6.22
- References images taken from Animation Screencaps
- Hiro's shirt design was traced from this image here