NOSEDIVE - (Black Mirror Season 3 Episode 1, Lacie Pound's house)

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Hi! Ok, I love making houses from TV shows and today I was rewatching one of my favourites episodes of Black Mirror and I remembered that I had some tiny lots empty so I made this house.
If you don't remember which episode was NOSEDIVE I'll give you some little plot details so you can remember it (me and my friends like to call it 'the instagram episode') : The episode is set in a world where people can rate each other from one to five stars for every interaction they have, and which can impact their socioeconomic status. Lacie (Bryce Dallas Howard) is a young woman overly obsessed with her ratings; she finds an opportunity to elevate her ratings greatly and move into a more luxurious residence after being chosen by her popular childhood friend (Alice Eve) as the maid of honour for her wedding. Her obsession leads to several mishaps on her journey to the wedding that culminate in a rapid reduction in her ratings.

I tried to replicate the house very closely and added some new rooms (we see the doors on the episode but not the rooms, but we know they exist because of the plot and what they do in the episode), the bed 'on the second floor/loft' is not accessible, the ladder is decoration, I know I know, the description says 2 bedrooms, there are 2 bedrooms in real life but not in-game, I didn't want to put 1 bedroom because that bed is his bedroom in the episode, but if you're going to play with this house, I advise moving in just 1 sim or just turn the 'painting room' into another bedroom.


Custom content to get the house just like the pictures:
Decorative Ladder
by soloriya

Decorative car
by Pyszny Design

Desk, chair & little table

Federal Bedroom from TS3 (Lady Abigail's Bed of Puff & Quaint Quality Table)
by TheJim07

Rococo Objects from TS3 - 12/12/17 Patch Fixed (Already Baroque Table)
by TheJim07

Lot traits: Natural light, Homey, Private dwelling
Lot Size: 20x15
Lot Price (furnished): 50,286 (cc is cheap in-game)
Lot Price (unfurnished): 45,440

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #Black mirror, #TV series, #pastel colours, #Sci-Fi