Juice Dining Series

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Enjoy a fresh squeezed series of objects to sweeten up your life. With four natural colors to choose from, you can squeeze them into any design. Fully supports snowy weather and would fit in great in any cute cafe or diner.

Requires: Base Game, Fully Patched
Type: New Object

Found Table: Surfaces âž¡ Dining Table
Cost: $350

Found Chair: Comfort âž¡ Dining Chairs
Cost: $225

Polygon Counts: Juice Table
Juice Table - HighJuice Table - MediumJuice Table - Low
Vertices: 487Vertices: 487Vertices: 292
Polygons: 498Polygons: 498Polygons: 254
Polygon Counts: Juice Chair
Juice Chair - HighJuice Chair - MediumJuice Chair - Low
Vertices: 768Vertices: 598Vertices: 393
Polygons: 1132Polygons: 808Polygons: 484

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