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A Functioning Medicine Cabinet with Storage for Medicine

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Uploaded: 23rd Sep 2019 at 3:07 PM

Finally! The mod that no one but me has been asking for! A medicine cabinet where you can actually store your medicine. As is, the cabinet only lets you store your medicine for your sims. I am working on allowing other medicine (e.g. pet medicine and treats) to be stored as well, but that is currently not possible. This is a stand alone object, and only borrows the mesh of a base game item instead of overriding the matching mirror. All that was done to create the cabinet was to add fridge functionality to an existing mirror. So, basically, I just wanted a place to store medicine so it would not keep clogging my Sims inventory. The mod works perfectly for me, but if you encounter any issues, let me know and I will figure out the problem for you guys! This is my first mod... ever, so it is entirely possible that something needs fixing. This is just an edited version of an existing in game mirror. That being said, it can be found under Decorations > Mirrors and costs 250 simoleons. Enjoy!

This item should not conflict with any other mods or cc, as it is a new object in game and does not override anything!

I also have some ideas for storing photos and void critter cards in the future. If you guys are interested, drop me a message and I will work that out. I am obsessed with in game organization anyway!