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New Sunset Valley 2020

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2020 at 10:14 AM
Updated: 11th Jan 2022 at 8:41 PM
>> All the lots are from the game itself, and some of the community lots in the center, remade by me <<

>> The lighting present in the images comes from a lighting mod by Burnt Waffes (link: https://brntwaffles.tumblr.com/post...t-will-override) <<

>> This world has its name and the descriptions of the lots in Brazilian Portuguese (Vale Ensolarado). It will not influence gameplay, lots are from EA, therefore, easy to identify. <<

>> This world has many residential lots, and these are close to each other, so on weaker computers, slowness may occur if the batch display option is greater than 2 <<

>> This mod will need the world of Riverview. (link: https://br.store.thesims3.com/riverview) <<


Version 1.2

- Fixed a pole too far from the street.

- Fixed a community lot too asphalted from the sidewalk

- More corrections in routing.

Version 1.1

- More corrections in the routing.

- Corrections in batches with faults or incorrectly positioned.

- Correction of lots that had their edges too far from the street.

- Now there is a save with the populated world!


One of my biggest problems with The Sims 3 after playing in the EA worlds was getting sick of them or not liking others. I set out on a relentless search for a personalized world that would satisfy my desires, I tried practically all the existing ones, (most of them very good), but what I was looking for was a world similar to Sunset Valley, but more "organized" I didn't found it. Hence the need to create my own world was born.

I imported the filled Sunset Valley map and started making changes, (aiming a lot more at aesthetics than infrastructure coherence ). Basically I repainted the land, using Island Paradise paints (downloaded from the Cawster website), added lots on the beach and changed practically the entire center, except for the city hall, square, police station and library, adding a disco, a shows venue, a lounge beauty and a fire department. Ah! And a new gym.

The beach street won another lot, the Goth family is now close to the Alto and the Landgraab. The city gained a larger Criminal area with a junkyard and the city was expanded, gaining a beautiful residential area with three Riverview parks.

The residential area behind the city hall now has straight streets and also has more houses, all from the game itself, the other streets were also more straight, with curves only in the hills. The city is now considerably brighter at night, I added more posts.


I created this world for my use, that's why it is in my language, but I liked the result so much that I decided to share it, maybe there are other people who want the same as me.

I intend to bring a Save with the city filled and the appearance of the Sims updated. (Evidently it will be in Portuguese, it is up to you to decide whether to translate or not. Once again I emphasize that it will not interfere with Gameplay).


This world was created under EA's original Sunset Valley world. I edited the at the points where I changed the terrain or where I expanded. I also slightly revised the points already routed.

I repositioned all the lots and rebuilt most of the streets.

The military area has been completely cleaned up, now your sims can approach the rocket! ^^


The file is divided into 8 parts, download all and delete the MTS + Numbers so that it is just: "Vale Sunny part (number)." Right click on the first part and click "extract here!" Now just install!