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  • Yes, I can help you with games problem, but I need INFORMATION! I cannot help in a vacuum. So, please specify gameversion, games you have and what triggered the issue, and post in the HELP FORUM (not via PM!). Not an essay on what the Sims were doing from when you woke them up in the morning to the time you make them sleep. Just make it as concise and relevant as you can. If there's no information and you make me chase you down by asking questions already asked in the WIKI FAQs, I'm afraid I no longer have time for such. Which means your posts get ignored. Don't be offended, though, it's nothing personal. I just have to prioritize the complete threads over incomplete ones.
  • I'm also not a psychic. So if you have done and work through any FAQs, MENTION IT! How am I to know you had done it if it is not stated in the post?
  • If you're trying to hedge your bets and post the same issue on separate forums - MATY, thesims3, TSR, or any where else - I'd also ignore it; especially if you had gotten replies elsewhere. I'm not keen on hitting my head against the wall repeatedly, you know?
  • And no, I don't provide Technical support for the game or your system one-on-one via PMs. So, don't even go there. These PMs would be ignored as well. Well, unless you want to pay me for my time as a Personal Technical Coach. Then, I'm all ears.

Game content
  • You're welcome to use, edit, take apart any content I created and share. But if you use any of my work as a base, I'd appreciate a link back to the original, and you're welcome to post your version in the comments of that upload. So that if either one of ours become outdated, there's a link to the original and vice versa.
  • And no, I don't provide support for my content one-on-one via PMs. Each of them has a Comments/Feedback section. Please use that.
  • I don't take requests, sorry. I have tonnes of ideas I haven't even started on.
  • Having done a mod or a fix does not mean I would do a similar mod or a similar fix. If it interests me and there's still potential for learning, I'd continue doing them like for the World fixes whenever a new world is available. But as we're all working with finite time, there's only so much I can do alone compared to the speed of release EA employs. So, if you want to do a world fix yourself, go ahead. This World fixes thing is not under my sole purview, you know. There's a whole Community of us.
  • And last but not least, yes any content that I share would get updated if it is warranted. You don't have to ask. As long as I'm able and can afford to buy new packs, I'll schedule any work needed for them.

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A fixed IslaParadiso.world. All ready to be plopped in the World folder. No messing with s3pe required.

6th Nov 2013 at 7:57pm in » Custom Worlds & CAS Screens

Island Paradise

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