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Small country house | NO CC | STORE content

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2020 at 4:26 PM
Hello, guys.

This is a small country house I've built yesterday, just for fun. I had nothing planned, just wanted to build something, and this is the result, that I'd love to share.

It's a single floor house, built for two sims to household in.

It has one bedroom, one living room, a kitchen with a dinning area, a bathroom and an office.

Very basic floor plan.


I just used one or two items from these EP, which means they aren't really needed:

a) Diesel (just the dinning chairs)
b) Seasons (just a paiting)
c) Into the future (just the bathroom sink)
d) World adventures (just the front shrubs)

I used a lot of Generations, ambitions and pets, though.


Even though, some store content was used in the build, nothing to worry about, the game will replace them if you not own the following items:

- Eath day set - It's a free store set (I used "topper" and "terra" plants);
- Tropi-Con FauxFrond.
- Alvar Vintage Chill Well Refrigerator.

Hope you guys like it!!


Lot Size: 18x21
Lot Price (furnished): 56,770
Lot Price (unfurnished): 31,898