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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2020 at 7:07 PM
Updated: 8th May 2020 at 5:01 PM
Hi, people!

I'm building a lot in the sims 3 recently... and this is one of the houses.

It's a small two-story home built for 4-6 sims.

It's located in Metropolia, a custom futuristic world... and yet it's futuristic, I'm making some "old-fashioned" neighbourhoods in it (but also working on builds that blends better the world).

Here is the front:

First floor features:

- Hallway;
- Bathroom;
- Living room;
- Study;
- Kitchen;
- Dinning room;
- Bedroom

Second floor features:

- Bedrooms;
- Master bedroom with bathroom;
- Bathroom;
- Hallways.

In the backyard we have a pool and some other outside activities spots, all of this with a view of an artificial beach that stays beyond the wall.


Even though... I have used some store content that ARE NOT included:

- Eath day set - It's a free store set (I used "topper" plant).
- Frost-Bite Pro Ice Cream Machine;
- Theo's Contempo Dining Table;
- Forest Curtains;
- Moon Over Water Mirror;
- Cosmic Culinary Range Stove;
- Eero Mid Century Counter;
- Steampunk Kitchen- Pre-Steam Aquarium Tank;
- Television of Joy by MA Designs;
- Comfy couch with Slipcover;
- Futuristic foosball table (link not available)

PS: The store items used are not necessary for the lot to work. They're only normal furniture! If you don't have them, they'll just be replaced by other equal items!

I hope you guys like it!


Lot Size: 20x29
Lot Price (furnished): 58,098
Lot Price (unfurnished): 203,950