Nightlife Open Shirt Replacement

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2020 at 9:13 AM
Updated: 16th Sep 2020 at 1:00 AM
One of my favorite default replacement outfits is Artemida's Cowboy boots replaced with chucks, which replaces the ambodyopenshirtpants outfit that shipped with Base Game. I noticed, however, that there wasn't an updated version of of the Style Contest recolors that shipped with Nightlife. So, after a few hours of figuring out how default replacements work, I created Default and Non-Default replacements for these Nightlife recolors.

These recolors are for Adult and Young Adult males. The Default Replacement file requires Nightlife (otherwise you will not have the outfit) and Artemida's "Artemida_DEFAULT_am-bodyopenshirtpants" file to show up properly. The Non-Defaults require Amaryll's mesh but do not technically require Nightlife, as they are a recolor of a CC mesh. This mesh is included. For reference, the original can be found here.

Gender: Male
Ages: Young Adult, Adult
Outfits: Everyday
Type: Full Body

How Do I Know Which To Download?

-If you want to replace the Maxis defaults, download the Default Replacements! Artemida's base game file is required and included.
-If you don't want to replace the Maxis defaults, download the Non-Default Replacements! Amaryll's Mesh is required and included.

Known Conflicts?
If you have Artemida's Nightlife version of the Default Replacements (linked above), you will need to remove it for this Default Replacement file. You can only have one Default Replacement per item.

Additional Credits:
Artemida and Amaryll for their original files.
Maxis (and the original creators) for the Style Contest recolors
Hairstyles on the preview sims by: myself and fanseelamb