Gigge Nightlife Open Shirt Recolors, now with Chucks

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Uploaded: 20th May 2021 at 11:33 AM
Updated: 6th Jun 2021 at 11:12 PM - Required changes, need clarification to edit
Apparently I'm on some weird crusade to convert every recolor of the ambodyopenshirtpants outfit to use Amaryll's mesh with chucks. I did the two outfits that shipped with Nightlife, and now I'm updating some old outfits by a creator named Gigge.

Gigge originally uploaded these to the TS2 Exchange as part of the Nightlife Style Contest. Although they didn't win the contest (the blue and green outfits that came with NL did, of course), I loved using these in my old game. So I updated them to work with Amaryll's mesh. All I did was take Gigge's original textures, add them to the new mesh, and use Amaryll's chucks texture. It's a blend of the two creations. Thumbnails of Gigge's original recolors are included on each outfit picture for reference. (Note: Gigge originally did 5 of these, I'm only upload 3 right now since I need to retexture the other two slightly. That's a task for another time).

These are standalone recolors and I have included Amaryll's mesh, though if you have Artemida's Cowboy boots replaced with chucks default you already have the mesh in your game!

Gender: Male
Ages: Young Adult, Adult
Outfits: Everyday, Formal
Type: Full Body

Credits: original textures by Gigge, mesh by Amaryll

Additional Credits:
Artemida for the defaults and inspiration
Hairstyles on the preview sims by myself