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TS3_TS2 Master Suite Stuff - Dressing Room

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Uploaded: 2nd Nov 2020 at 11:41 AM
Updated: 24th Mar 2021 at 1:39 PM - Changed pics.
Is your Sim sitting pretty?
If not, perhaps it is time for them to invest in the Warm Embrace Living Chair!
With the Master Suite Dressing Room set, you Sims can gussy up and will not only look and feel good using the Glamour Puss mirror, but will want to share the love in this romantic setting with the Sim that has captured their heart.

With the exceptions of That's Amore (Glamour Life item) and Whispered Melodies (Nightlife item), the other 4 items of the Master Suite Stuff - Dressing Room Set have been created with Sims2 base game objects.
The Master Suite Stuff Dressing Room zip.file contains all 6 items with separate folders for each item. If you wish to recolor using SimPE, please use the item ending with the word Mesh.
I have also attached a separate zip.file for each item.

Buy Mode
Glamour Puss is a mirror and costs $365, located in Decorative/Mirrors and By Room/Bedroom/Decorative
Light of My Life is a floor lamp and costs $395, located in Lighting/Floor Lamps and By Room/Bedroom/Lighting
Petals of Endearment is a table picture frame and costs $95, located in Decorative/Sculptures and By Room/Bedroom/Decorative
That's Amore is a dresser and costs $875, located in Miscellaneous/Dresser and By Room/Bedroom/Miscellaneous
Warm Embrace Living Chair is a living chair and costs $1,150, located in Comfort/Living Chairs and By Room/Bedroom/Comfort
Whispered Melodies is perfume on a tray and costs $75, located in Decorative/Sculptures and By Room/Bedroom/Decorative

Happy Simming!

Polygon Counts:
Glamour Puss = Polygon 501
Light of My Life = Polygon 722
Petals of Endearment = Polygon 382
That's Amore = Polygon 906
Warm Embrace Living Chair = Polygon 972
Whispered Melodies = Polygon 468

Additional Credits:
Thanks to TSR Workshop, SimPE, MilkShape 3D and EA Games as without these programs creating items would not be possible.