TS2 Store Edition UI Icon Restored for Any Game Setup

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Uploaded: 27th Dec 2020 at 10:33 PM
You might have noticed that there's no icon for any downloaded Store items in CAS or BodyShop IFF you don't have the TS2 Store Edition installed. Also not if you have the TS2 UC. While it's not really an issue, it disappointed me that the icon's only available for those who actually have the TS2 Store Edition "expansion pack" installed.

You might ask what the TS2 Store Edition is, well, here's a quote from the Sims Wiki.

Originally Posted by Sims Wiki
The Sims 2 Store Edition was a client for The Sims 2 that enabled users to use The Sims 2 Store content.

Players were able to shop at The Sims 2 Store online using real money to purchase items from expansion and stuff packs. Exclusive store items are also released for players to purchase using SimPoints. Players can purchase SimPoints with the rate being $1 = 100 SimPoints. Items range from 25-250 SimPoints. The store closed while in Beta.

The client could be downloaded from EA officially, and was also pre-packaged with Apartment Life, Fun with Pets Collection, University Life Collection or Best of Business Collection. Although being worthless now, it is still packaged with all new copies of these expansions.

Unfortunately, TS2 Store Edition was causing issues, because any saved games couldn't be loaded after uninstalling TS2 Store Edition. The game treated it as an "expansion pack". Since (as quoted from the Sims Wiki) the TS2 Store closed, there is literally no reason to have it installed.

Originally Posted by SimsWiki
As with all EPs and SPs, The Sims 2 Store Edition will delete saved games when it is uninstalled, and games in The Sims 2 Store are unreadable by prior versions of The Sims 2.

BUT when I had a look into the game UI files, I found an empty slot, reserved for TS2 Store Edition. So, with simple SimPE-editing, I was able to pull the icon out of the already exisiting game files. (BTW, I had never had the TS2 Store Edition installed myself!)

So, that's why I made this mod. It unlocks the TS2 Store Edition UI Icon for any game setup WITHOUT actually having TS2 Store Edition installed.
It'll show a shiny orange icon next to your downloaded Store items in CAS and/or BodyShop now. Yay!

To install, just put the package file into your Downloads folder and you're good to go! If you want to uninstall the mod, you can just simply delete it and it's gone forreal! :p