Darker Progress Circle

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Uploaded: 8th Feb 2021 at 1:23 PM
This should have been one of the few mods that would never need updating, but the new Paranormal patch added the scared emotion, and shifted things around on the task area of the UI. It seemed a shame to not be able to use the mod anymore, so I figured out how to change the UI files and updated it. I can't see there being anymore changes to this UI area any time soon, but if there is, I'll update it.

Credit goes to scumbumbo for making the mod in the first place.

scumbumbo's original description:

This is yet another modification to The Sims 4 to change something that bugged me. Hopefully others will also find it useful!

This mod overrides the progress indicator circle user interface image in The Sims 4 to make the background of the circle darker. This makes it easier to see the progress of an ongoing action. This simple change makes the progress circle dramatically more visible, as can be seen in the before-and-after screenshot.

Installation Instructions

Just unzip the package file to your Mods folder as usual.

This mod WILL conflict with any other mod which alters the current action portion of the screen. A conflicting modification may result in a game crash on load.

Additional Credits:
CmarNYC's UI Texture Tool