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Waterfront Remade - A Tribute to Daihtnaoz7

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Uploaded: 21st Mar 2021 at 3:09 PM
I need to start off this post with some personal sharing and a TS2 history lesson...

I've been going through some of my old TS2 saves, mostly looking for houses that have long disappeared that I want in my current game (RIP TS2 Exchange). I also wanted to see how sharp my old CFE building skills were. So I decided to rebuild or "renovate" an old house as tribute to a TS2 legend.

The house that I have rebuilt is called Waterfront, and it was originally made by a creator named Daihtnaoz7 and uploaded to the TS2 Exchange back in late 2004. But what is so special about this house? Well, it was a landmark upload for TS2 since it was the very first house to feature the arched atrium seen here.

Daihtnaoz7 was one of the very first to figure out what CFE could do, and wrote tutorials for arched atriums, simple arched bridges, and layered arched bridges. Daihtnaoz7 has not been active for many, many years, and, sadly, these tutorials and the groundbreaking lots that first displayed their techniques were lost when the Exchange went down. But you can see screenshots of the tutorials HERE. A web archive of the Arched Atrium tutorial from the Exchange is HERE. The photos don't load (at least they don't for me) but you can still read the text.

Waterfront was one of Daihtnaoz7's only residential uploads. I played this lot years ago, and I'd guess am one of only a handful of TS2 players who still has it (I'm never getting rid of my old save files if I can help it). So by recreating it, I get to use some of these original CFE techniques (see my Tumblr for progress pictures) and pay homage to a creator who made it possible for us to build things in this game we never knew we could.

Onto the lot. Waterfront is a medium sized house with a large, open atrium and garden bridging two separate, symmetrical structures. The left part of the house includes a family room, a den or study, and a full bath on the first floor. The second floor has a bedroom and another full bath and a wrap around balcony. The right part of the house has the kitchen, room for a dining table, and full bath downstairs. A slightly larger bedroom is upstairs, with another wraparound balcony.

The real gem is the atrium, though, with plantings and patio space for evening hangouts. There is also a back patio and areas of the sides of the house for a grill, table, and other activities.

I only furnished the fixtures, which is unusual for me, but that's how I remember the lot coming. And though I built this with Ultimate Collection, it only uses content from Base Game.

The lot has been playtested and the upload file is a clean lot that has never had a sim in it.

Whether you recognize the lot from long ago, or have never seen it before, I hope you enjoy this slice of TS2 history. I am grateful for being able to share it with you.

Custom Content Included:
Decorative Egg Topiary and Missing Point Mystery Topiary by Maxoid Monkey, both can be found here.

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price (furnished): 67000

Additional Credits:
All credit goes Daihtnaoz7 for the original house, lost to the TS2 Exchange, which I have tried to accurately rebuild.