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Australian Prints ~ 4 Dark Wallpaper Patterns and a Peacock Feather (2 Walls use Curiona Moulding)

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Uploaded: 23rd May 2021 at 6:29 PM
*GAH* I just noticed my title picture has a grievous spelling mistake! I hope all you Koala lovers out there can forgive me!

These wallpapers are from Milton & King.

Hummingbirds comes in 2 parts/panels - A & B:
About the design:
"Hummingbirds Wallpaper is inspired by a childhood memory. ...The artist remembers when she would be excited to observe the tiny hummingbirds gathering nectar from the trumpet-shaped flowers in the garden. The birds, which were absent the rest of the year, seem to know as soon as the flowers would bloom that it was time for them to make their entrance into the garden. ...The hummingbird is a sign of luck and is often perceived as a healer. There is definitely something quite magical in the sight of a hummingbird as they often seem to appear out of nowhere and will vanish in the blink of an eye."

Exotic Kingfishers comes in 2 parts/panels - A & B:
About the design:
"Exotic Kingfishers is inspired by the colorful Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher resident of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. This vibrant pattern transports you into an exotic jungle experience with its flowing leaves and flowers. The kingfisher is a symbol of peace & abundance. In the folklore tradition, seeing a kingfisher is a promise for prosperity & love to wash over your life."

Matilda Wallpaper with Shasta's Curiona Moulding for the trim.
About the design:
"Matilda is a uniquely Australian designed floral wallpaper with a stylized decorative touch inspired by the William Morris era arts & craft movement. Matilda strikes the perfect balance between traditional inspiration and modern interpretation of iconic Australian floral and fauna beautifully hand illustrated by Sarah Gordon."

Australia Wallpaper with Shasta's Curiona Moulding for the trim.
About the design:
"An Australian themed design inspired by chinoiserie style often associated with heritage luxury. Each element is carefully hand illustrated to bring out the lively and engaging flora and fauna unique to Australia and beloved around the world like parrots, cockatoos, koalas and finches. Australia’s design is unique to the great land down under but universal in style and substance."

Ruffled Feathers (pictured above)
About the design:
"Ruffled Feathers is a peacock feathers wallpaper. Originally designed for the refurbishment of the iconic Hydro Majestic Hotel in the Blue Mountains of Australia."

Find these walls in the Wallpaper category - the plain paper is $4 each; the two with moulding are $8 each. All my walls are Mac friendly. A swatch is included in the download file.

PSST: Add your own moulding with my Wallpaper Overlays - my overlays let you add whatever moulding you want to your walls.