Chinese Delivery Default Replacement

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2021 at 9:30 PM
Updated: 7th Jul 2021 at 3:45 PM
I shared a pizza NPC default replacement about a month ago, and here is my default-addon for the chinese delivery!

NPC Clothing
Since the pizza and chinese delivery NPC share mesh, you have to download my pizza NPC mesh replacement for this to show correctly :-)
  • If you download my pizza defaults as separates, it’s the “vegankaktus_DEFAULTaubodypizzadelivery.package” file you need.

I replaced the sign on the car with my re-mapped sign and gave it a new texture. Since the chinese delivery vehicle doesn’t have its own (car) texture, it’s compatible with my pizza car replacement. And if you choose to use the clean default from that post, the chinese delivery vehicle will pick up that default too.

Chinese Food Box
I replaced the logo on the food boxes, gave the food a new texture (also re-sized it to 1024x512 instead of EA’s original 256x128) and fixed a small mesh error on the opened food box.
  • I repositoried labine730′s buyable chinese food to foodtakeout-materials_txtr, which means it will now pick up my default (or any other default for the food boxes you might have, and if you have none: EA’s original) and enabled it on community lots + changed the catalogue to both kitchen - appliances and kitchen - general since I read about people having problems finding it. I didn’t need to edit carnevorsims’ extracted basegame items this time, since it didn’t include the chinese food. In other words: labine’s buyable chinese food is compatible with carnevorsims’ extracted items (both my edit - found in my pizza defaults post - and their original).

Recommended Mods
These are chinese delivery related mods I recommend downloading, but they aren’t required for any of my defaults to work :-)

University is needed for this default and if you have any defaults in your downloads folder defaulting the same thing as any of my files, you have to remove those before installing mine :-) you can choose between merged or separate files, and all files have been compressed to reduce file size. Let me know if you encounter any issues!

Credits: EA and labine730 :-)