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Uploaded: 14th Nov 2021 at 6:07 PM
Updated: 14th Nov 2021 at 8:25 PM

I built a hospital for Christ Hatch Hospital Mod:
- read everything before you get it, it's a big mod
- I know there also is a family friendly version out there somewere, should be easy to google if you are interested

I think it is so fun to see your sims working as a chef in the canteen, security guards (this lot has more than 50 windows, so there will be 2 security guards at this hospital) and nurses (there will be 2 nurses for each ambulance placed).

The hospital has 4 wards - 2 normal wards, one for children and one for maternity (the pregnant sims sometimes sleeps in other wards though).
It also has a canteen, office,, small clinic rooms, an indoor playground, board games, mini golf and relaxing areas.
It also has a few CC's-

This hospital has NO content from Chris Hatch Hospital Mod included - you have to download the mod seperately and then place the ambulance, the gift shop cash register + cards, birth lights and the heart rate monitor yourself.
(I had to remove the hospital mod content because of techical issues on MTS (it would not allow me to write where the CC was from, so I had to remove them, but they are easy to place again )

If you download Chris Hatch Hospital Mod / the ambulance, it should never be removed from your download folder again, because the doctor is a NPC and they should never be deleted from your neighborhood. But if you keep it it's safe.

If you want to place to hospital neighborhood decoration on the hospital lot, you can either use this:
Or the LotAduster: