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Knock em' Out / Knock It Off

11,751 Downloads 78 Thanks  Thanks 21 Favourited 7,895 Views
Uploaded: 28th Jan 2022 at 4:42 PM
Updated: 16th Feb 2022 at 1:37 PM
I've always kind of liked this dress, but something wasn't just right with it... Oh. yeah. what are those things on the legs? Legwarmers? Compression socks? I don't even know. But hey, maybe someone else likes them. So you get 2 versions of it, because I'm nice like that.

Knock em' Out
The original store item, Knock em' Out Skirt and Top (aka : afBodyLoftPeacoatSkirt) did not include a maternity morph, nor was it available for teen or elder. I corrected this oversight.

(Psst - I don't think EA even knows what a peacoat is. Nothing about this even resembles one.)

Knock It Off
SOCKS BEGONE! You are welcome. But hey, why stop there? This would have been an equally cute top - so BAM! You got one, too!

  • The AF version of "Knock em out" is a default replacement and the original (non-decrapped) store item is required.
  • All are available for Teen, Adult and Elder.
  • All can been found in : Everyday, Formal, Career.
  • All versions are enabled for maternity.
  • Teen and elder maternity morphs are made to match Sweetdevil's T/E maternity clothing.
  • All items have been disabled for random.
  • The channel/preset images show the Adult version, but the same presets are used on the Teen/Elder item.
  • The is a small lighting aberration on the Knock It Off Top while in CAS. There is nothing wrong with the top and it will look fine in live mode.

Polygon Counts
Knock em outAF4,4402,0221,088
Knock em outEF4,4482,2241,112
Knock em outTF4,4402,2201,109
Knock It Off DressAF4,2722,1361,068
Knock It Off DressEF4,2722,1361,067
Knock It Off DressTF4,2722,1361,068
Knock It Off TopAF3,9241,962980
Knock It Off TopEF3,9241,961979
Knock It Off TopTF3,9241,961980

CC Credits