SimCity Arena - Sports Stadium and Concert Venue - 3 Lots - NO CC

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You know your Sims are really living in a big city when they've got their own major sports teams to support, and their city shows up in the list of locations multi-platinum bands visit when they're on tour!

This upload is a major multipurpose city arena, with three different versions included for download- one set up for basketball, one for hockey, and one for a rock concert.  The building itself is almost entirely unchanged between uses, allowing it to be easily swapped out in your neighborhoods to give the impression of a multi-use space along the lines of Madison Square Garden in New York City, or the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  Only the lighting, posters/decor, and the setup of the main event area at the center of the stadium are changed between versions, the building layout and most of its substance remains exactly the same.  This also means that while there are three different versions of the lot available as part of this download, and multiple different screenshots to show off the differences between the three versions, many of the technical screenshots such as the floorplans for spaces outside the stadium center, or the front and rear elevation shots, are only included once, as there are no meaningful differences (and in some cases, no differences at all) between the versions.  For the portions that are changed significantly, multiple screenshots are included for each version.

The event spaces for each version are all fully functional (i.e., you can play basketball, skate, and play and watch music performed), and a majority of the stadium seats (there are 1,549 if my count is right) can also be used.  However, Sims will obviously not be able to actually watch an event from the 'nosebleed' seats like you can in reality, so many of the seats are best used for storytelling or background images, rather than being truly functional.  The vendors throughout the outer concourse should all be fully functional though, and both public and event facilities such as restrooms, locker rooms, and the physical therapy suite are all accessible and functional as well.

I've playtested clones of each version to ensure functionality, and with the exception of the rows of seating that are placed directly at the front of stage levels, your Sims should be able to reach and use just about everything with a minimum of routing errors.  While it's not visible except an almost unnoticeable sliver on the very edges or if you look up in cameraman mode, there is also a 'normal' roof covering the space under the CFE dome that would otherwise be seen as an open roof for weather purposes (this also helps keep the dome from being see-through in Neighborhood view).  The lot clones I used for testing things like this were also what I used for any of the screenshots requiring the lot to be active in Live Mode- the files as uploaded are the never-visited originals, and should be clean of any Sim references.

Unsurprisingly, these are expensive and large lots, each one occupying the entirety of a 5x5 lot with many levels, especially including the multiple CFE dummy levels needed for the tiered stadium seating and the domed roof (they are all actually in excess of the wall limit, so be aware that if you want to do any remodeling, you'll need to use CC walls).  The basketball version has a value of $1,245,562, the hockey version a value of $1,266,104, and the rock concert a value of $1,255,223.  This means these lots may take a while to load, and may run slower on older or lower-end computers.  However, only 6 NPCs should be generated on the entire lot, which should help with loading and rendering times.  Additionally, as with all my lots, no CC is required or included, so as long as you have all the EPs and SPs (or have the UC) you should be able to put these directly into your game and start playing!  Please don't hesitate to let me know if you do encounter any issues with these lots, and now, let the games and/or show begin!

(The following is an edited transcript of the public comment forum on the proposed construction of a new 1,500+ seat multi-purpose entertainment and sport venue in SimCity, held in SimCity City Hall pursuant to municipal bill proposal SC3KU 02011999.  Comments have been edited for clarity and news distribution, and pursuant to the SimCity Paperwork Reduction Act of 2003, a full digital transcript including repetitions, transitory announcements between speakers, and minor disruptions may be requisitioned from the office of the City Manager.)

Below-Average Bowlers League, Spokesperson Lenny Striker

"Me and my buddies were talking after bowling last night about how much SimCity really needs a proper stadium for all our teams- we've gotten sick of having to travel hours and hours to some other city to see a real game!  I loved watching my local basketball team playing a game every now and then before I moved here, and I've really missed it ever since.  And my buddy keeps going on about how he coulda been a serious hockey player if he'd kept skating.  We all make fun of him for it because, well, he has a hard time balancing on his own two feet even in the bowling alley, but still, it'd be nice to be able to go hang out at a game every once in a while.  And there's tons of other people in the city who feel the same way, y'know?"

(Brief pause for applause from attendees) 

"Our kids all play in little league games and some of them keep playing in school and everyone has a great time cheering for their school team, but then once they reach adulthood it seems like sports just disappear except on TV, because we don't have a legit stadium for any professional teams to come into the city!  And you know we'd all rather spend our hard-earned simoleons buying game tickets and jerseys and hotdogs here in SimCity, right?  I mean, my job at the mill isn't great, and if I'm gonna come off the clock and go to a game, it's gotta be nearby!  So come on Councilmembers, give the people what we want, and approve this stadium!"
(Murmurs of assent and some applause from attendees)

SimCity Chamber of Commerce, Spokesperson Prunella Penny

"Good evening Madam Mayor, members of the City Council.  On behalf of the members of the SimCity Chamber of Commerce, I speak today in strong support of this proposal.  As you are aware, there are a great many local businesses in the commercial districts surrounding the proposed stadium location, and many of these business owners have contacted the Chamber of Commerce expressing their interest in the opportunities for growth they see associated with this development proposal.  A multi-use venue of this sort would provide a major boost to nearby businesses during each use, which will boost the local economy and spur new entrepreneurs to potentially develop businesses directly linked to the teams and organizations that will become associated with this stadium."

"Furthermore, as many of the events held in this proposed venue will be widely broadcast across SimNation, this provides a valuable opportunity for us to promote our city beyond just the local market.  Hosting major sporting events or concerts branded with our city name will inevitably link SimCity with excitement in the public eye, providing a boost to the city's image among a massive segment of the national audience.  This could serve to attract more national and international commercial and corporate interest in this city, as well as providing additional incentive for VIP travel to SimCity.  This venture can only be seen as a benefit to the future prospects of SimCity, and the Chamber of Commerce urges the council to approve this measure without delay.  Thank you, and I yield back the remainder of my time."

Gray Llamas Senior Citizens Lobby, Spokesperson Beatrice Meffelwhim

"Madam Mayor, Councilmen, I'm very concerned with this new proposal, very concerned indeed.  It seems to me and many of my friends that there is simply no need at all for this project.  SimCity has been perfectly fine without a stadium for my entire life, all eighty-eight years of it.  And I've talked with my husband Jervis and some of our friends at the senior center and none of them want it either.  None of us have wanted to go to a sports match or have to hear a concert with that horrible music that comes out nowadays, and we can't imagine anyone else wanting to either."

(City Recorder: Ma'am, please be sure to talk loudly and speak into the microphone, we're having some trouble hearing you sometimes right now)

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry... is this better?  Ok.  We're also worried about how much this project will cost.  Looking at the proposal it's more than $1,000,000 to build this stadium, and I can't even fathom spending that much on something especially that I just don't think anyone wants!  When Jervis bought our house just after we were married he only paid $4,500 for it, and I don't know how you can justify spending so much money just for a place for people to play games in.  We're also afraid of what changes this might mean to the city, since there's so many people who just aren't the type of people I want in my city who always show up with these kinds of places.  I don't know why we even need something like this here, I think we should just keep this city the way it used to be"

Mrs. Farsheim's 10th-Grade Civics Project, Spokesperson Rodney Jones

"Hey Lady Mayor, you know we all need a place to have fun sometimes, especially when we've had so much more work lately- my senior physics class and my college applications took practically all my free time last weekend, you know?  So like, having something that's actually fun on weekends would really be cool, and you know, we're kind of getting ignored lately.  My favorite band ever went on tour last month and they didn't even stop at SimCity for a concert because we don't have a place for them to perform!  We tried to get them to throw a concert in the school gym, but you know, the school board said no because they're all old and boring and lame, and my parents wouldn't let me borrow the car to drive to another city to see them because they're old and boring and lame too."

(Discontented murmurs from the crowd, City Recorder interjects: "Decorum, please Mr. Jones, this is an official city proceeding and you are expected to conduct yourself responsibly while voicing your position")

"Sorry, sorry, yeah. But you know I'm right about this city needing a place for awesome stuff like concerts.  My friends and I are all getting sick of having to listen to our favorite bands on a cheap stereo in my room, we want to see the real thing!  Maybe you all don't care anymore, but getting to go to a real concert with your friends is a big deal for us!  So come on, don't let us down again, build this stadium right away!  And if you need help finding bands to ask to come perform, my friends and I have a lot of ideas that could help, you know?"

Society for the Excessively Cultured, Spokesperson Mrs. Harold Crebs

"Honorable Mayor, esteemed members of the City Council, I rise before you today to formally voice the concerns of myself and the organization I represent, the Society for the Excessively Cultured, regarding the current proposal to blight the cityscape of SimCity with the construction of a wholly unnecessary and unattractive *sniffs audibly* sports stadium.  Such prosaic entertainment should be beneath a city so grand as this.  Our organization considers this type of gladiatorial spectacle to be something that our society should have long since moved beyond, and those that would insist such a thing is needed are welcome to remove themselves to places where this type of vulgar entertainment is more readily available.

(Interruption of booing from the audience, City Hall security requested to escort out several local youths and members of the Below Average Bowlers League before public statements could resume)

"You see here exactly the type of individuals this type of structure will draw to our city, and I ask the high-minded people in this room, is this truly what you want to see dominant in SimCity?  Or do you, as I do, feel that this foolishly-proposed monument to violent competition, to depraved masses of those unable to appreciate truly great art and culture, to gluttony and crass commercialism, has no place in our fair city?  Perhaps the council would do well to consider devoting the land proposed for this *sniffs loudly again* stadium to a more worthy cause, such as an opera house for grand and cultured performances, or an arboretum to house rare foliage and provide a space for contemplative walks for our elite citizenry.  I and my society will await your making the clear correct decision, and we fervently hope that you live up to the high expectations we have for this city."

Fiscal Watchdogs, Spokesperson Phyllis Denning

"While we of the Fiscal Watchdogs certainly applaud the prospects for private sector growth noted by my friend in the Chamber of Commerce, we want to be sure that any development is undertaken, first and foremost, with an eye towards maintaining the integrity of the municipal budget.  It is unreasonable to expect the taxpaying citizens of SimCity to underwrite a massive construction project when there are any number of private organizations that could more readily take on this fiscal burden.  Or, should the city pursue this project unilaterally, it must only do so after receiving contractual guarantees from prospective sports franchises and vendors who will make use of this structure that all municipal investments be recouped within a firmly established timeframe.

Our organization certainly has no objection to the public choosing to spend their own personal money on whatever sporting events, entertainment, memorabilia, and stadium foods they choose.  We simply insist that the city not put treasury funds at risk on such a venture that represents no true demonstrated need for SimCity.  City funds are a valuable resource and should not simply be frittered away on such frivolous ventures as this, if indeed they should be collected and spent in the first place.  Wishing to take up no more of the council's valuable time, I yield the floor, thank you."

Malcolm Landgraab Industries, Spokesperson Malcolm Landgraab

"Good evening Mayor, Council Members.  Pursuant to my company's longstanding contract with the municipality of SimCity for right of first refusal of any municipal development contracts with an estimated value in excess of one million Simoleans, I rise today to speak in favor of this municipal bill, and remind the city that in addition to our mutual obligations under this contract, I also own a majority interest in several of the businesses which have expressed an interest in operating franchise locations within the completed stadium, pursuant to City Statute, which I believe based on standing City Hall Forum policies entitles my motion to be counted under not only the prospective development contractors column but also those for prospective franchisees, prospective merchandise vendors, and in the event that my current negotiations to acquire a franchise license to establish a professional hockey team here in SimCity are successful, as a professional team owner as well."

"I would also remind most members of the city council that my business interests in your districts employ the majority of your voting-age residents and that as a result it is in the interests of many of your voters that this project moves forward as well.  The next elections are fast approaching, as I'm sure you're aware, and while many political organizations associated with my commercial interests throughout SimNation are already investing heavily in many races, it remains to be seen exactly what investments will be made in local and municipal races in many regions.  Pursuant to SimNationa Federal Law, I am, of course, not suggesting that your votes on this municipal bill will impact these legally-constrained political contributions in any way, merely pointing out the potential benefits to your voting-age residents should this project go forward in conjunction with my contracted business interests.  I hope it is clear to you and to all residents of this fine city that approving construction of this new city stadium is in everyone's best interests."