Puppetry For All Ages

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2022 at 11:42 AM
Updated: 24th Aug 2022 at 3:31 AM
!! UPDATED: I uploaded the latest revised version at 23:08 (CEST) on July 26th 2022. !!
These are the latest mod versions.

Mod description

Always wanted sims of any age older than a child to be able to perform puppet shows in your game?
Now they can! Turn up that show tune and make sure to download only one of two mod versions:

Version 1 | Teens-to-elders can also perform puppet theater shows but only kids can perform all shows by leveling up their social skills (EA default).

Version 2 | Teens-to-elders can perform all shows. Kids no longer can or need to unlock all shows by leveling up their social skills.


The Kid's Puppet Theater Park venue by SimDoughnut