Functional Fireplaces with Cauldron - Converted from The Sims Medieval

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2022 at 12:15 PM
Updated: 28th Nov 2022 at 4:27 PM
Version 1.0.4
Fixed a Routing Error that would sometimes cause the Fireplaces to become permanently inaccessible.
This was a severe bug, so make sure to download the newest version! If you have any routing issues in older saves where you had placed the Fireplaces, try moving/rotating the lot in edit town mode.

About this mod
Ever since I first played the Sims Medieval I fell in love with the Fireplace/Cauldron combo objects and thought it would be amazing to have them in the Sims 3 … and have them function just like they did in TSM. So here is my attempt to bring some of that medieval charm into your good old Sims 3 neighborhoods.

This download features two different Fireplaces that have been converted from the Sims 3 Medieval with modded functionality. These objects function as both Fireplaces and Stoves and use animations from TSM, so you will actually be able to watch your sims stir that cauldron. They use a custom recipe list that can be changed via Tuning (the default list only contains recipes that I thought would make sense to be cooked in a cauldron). I also included some new recipes that were inspired by TSM, though adding them is completely optional.

The original meshes, textures and animations were made by EA for The Sims Medieval. I only take credit for the conversion and the custom script.

How to Install
There are five different files in the ZIP, some of which are optional. Simply put the ones you need into your Mods/Packages folder.

The following files are REQUIRED:
(Contains the script and the animations. The objects will not function without this file.)
(These files contain the converted objects. You will need at least one of them unless you plan to use the script for a custom object.)

The following files are OPTIONAL:

The Fireplace
These Fireplaces function just like regular TS3 Fireplaces, however I did change a few aspects.
(NOTE: These changes ONLY affect the custom fireplaces that are included in this download and use the custom script, your regular fireplaces will not be affected.)
  • The “Light Fire” Interaction was replaced by a custom one that uses the same animation as the “Put out Fire” Interaction, your sims will just kinda poke it rather than use the (very modern looking) lighter
  • The new “Light Fire” Interaction basically makes the object fireproof (meaning it will not set nearby object on fire like a regular fireplace would)
  • The “Poke Fire” Interaction was removed because the animations looked off (this most likely has to do with slots, since I cloned the object off a stove–I might try to fix this in the future!)

The Cauldron
The main purpose of these objects is to work like a stove-replacement. Cooking meals in the cauldron functions similarly to cooking them in a stove, your sims will gain cooking skill from it and will only be able to cook recipes that they know. Since the number of recipes that can be cooked using the cauldron is pretty limited compared to the stove, this mod ignores Mealtime flags by default (meaning your sims will be able to cook Spaghetti etc. for breakfast) – however, the interaction will still say “Have Breakfast/Dinner/etc.” You can enable Mealtime flags via Tuning, though I recommend against it unless you also change the kCookableRecipes List to include more recipes.

By default, this mod will not allow you to cook a recipe if you don't have the necessary ingredients, since that's how cooking functioned in TSM (basically like ani's Fridge mod). You can change that by setting the kAllowCauldronShopping Tuning value to “True”. While you don't need a fridge to use the cauldron, the mod will check the fridge inventory for ingredients if there is a fridge on the lot.

Each time your sims cook a single portion in the cauldron (selecting “Have” rather than “Serve”), the “remaining” 9 portions of the meal will be left inside as Leftovers. Sims (including children) will then have the option to select “Eat Leftovers” when they click on the fireplace to grab a portion of the previously cooked meal.

Leftovers will reset if all the portions are gone, if the cauldron is used to cook another meal or if you make a sim clean the cauldron. Leftovers can spoil if they are left inside the cauldron for too long (24h by default). Sims get disgusted by spoiled leftovers and are likely to clean them out autonomously.

There is a special “Eat Leftovers” interaction for children that shows up when the cauldron is empty, allowing them to get food even when no adults are around. They'll basically scratch out whatever is left inside the cauldron and get a default meal (which is canned soup by default, though it can be changed via Tuning).

This download comes with a few custom recipes for your sims to cook inside the cauldron, since the original list of cookable recipes is a bit short. They were all inspired by TSM Food and use (in some cases recolored) textures from TSM and TS3.

I did my best to translate the recipe names to all languages, however I had to rely on Google Translator for the vast majority … so if anything sounds weird in your language, I apologize in advance! Let me know if you'd like anything fixed.

I'll be honest, I'm not particularly skilled at meshing and object creation, so while I tried my best to convert these objects, the result isn't perfect. Most notably, there are certain parts of the texture that should be transparent (like the chains), yet I didn't manage to make them appear transparent in the game, no matter how much I messed around with the textures (though it looked fine in TSRW…) This should be fixed now!

Also, the animations may have some clipping issues, particularly for teenagers – they will just kinda stir through the cauldron walls. Unfortunately this can't be helped, since the original TSM objects and animations were not made with teenagers in mind.

If you notice any resets or script errors, let me know ASAP! I tested the mod pretty extensively but something might always slip through the cracks. As for Compatibility, there should not be any major issues since this is a scripting mod that doesn't interfere with existing functionality. However the new object script inherits from the Fireplace class, so any mods that mess with Fireplaces might cause it to not work properly.

Possible Conflicts
  • Set The Table & Call To Meal – the earlier version of these Fireplaces caused a conflict, however it should be fixed now. If you had issues, download the newest version and try this method in case any interactions disappeared.
  • Cook With Any Ingredient – while there should be no issues with this mod, the ingredient selection will not show up for the Fireplaces because they use a custom cooking process.
  • ani's Woodcutter Tree – nothing major but I've had some weird issues with the “Light Fire” interaction sometimes showing up multiple times for these Fireplaces. If you experienced this problem, try enabling Flavor 2 via Tuning which should be more compatible with ani's mod. Nevermind, as echoweaver pointed out, this issue also seems to pop up with Flavor 2.

This mod was built and tested with patch version 1.67.

You can find the Tuning XML in TSMFireplace_Tuning.package.

Future work
  • Allow sims with a low cooking skill to burn food and set the cauldron on fire
  • Improve the way food quality is calculated
  • Add more recipes, particularly sweet ones for desserts
  • MAYBE convert some of the other TSM cooking objects, particularly the baking thingy
The cauldron fireplaces were actually not the first functional TSM objects I tried to convert, my first try was one of the thrones which turned out to be very frustrating. However, I still hope to complete that project at some point in the future, as well as a few other objects I have in mind.

Tools Used