Maxis "Lost & Found" Paintings

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2022 at 6:03 PM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2022 at 1:13 AM

Update (2022-09-18):
I removed the redundant recolour and fixed the description accordingly. There is no need to redownload. For those who downloaded the orange version of Albert's Discordia: HugeLunatic fixed the CEP-Extra that caused it to disappear. So you can get that one instead and delete my recolour.

Original Post:
First things first, the group picture with the Grim Reaper was not found by me, but by Numenor.
It is one of my favourite Lost & Found objects to date because the Grim Reaper doing bunny ears for a photo is quite hilarious to me. In Numenor's upload this picture is part of a whole group of picture frames. And because sometimes I would like to hang the Grim Reaper picture separately from the others I made a recolour for an existing Maxis mesh.

Rue de Fleur by Claude Magnus
Buy Mode \ Decorative \ Wall Hangings (§2'250)
Kitchen and Bath Stuff is required
Then I found unused textures in the game files for two one other paintings.

Poisonous Forest (In Love with a Curse)
Buy Mode \ Decorative \ Wall Hangings (§5'500)
Base Game
Edit (2022-09-18): Now you may wonder what that third painting is doing in the previews. To sum up: A CEP-Extra made the orange version of the painting Albert's Discordia disappear, I then "found" that orange version in the game files and wrongly identified it as a Lost & Found texture. In the end, HugeLunatic identified the problem and fixed it, you can find the fixed CEP-Extra here.
Many thanks to CatherineTCJD, greywolf3, simsample, and of course HugeLunatic for all their help with this!
For the sake of completeness I hid the original description (and its edits) for the Albert's Discordia Painting behind a spoiler tag instead of just deleting it.

If these have been found and uploaded before, I'm really sorry. It wasn't my intention to steal anyone's findings. I did google and looked through Pinterest boards to see whether they've been done before but I couldn't find anything. However, searching for Sims CC on the internet isn't always straightforward, so it's very likely that I've overlooked something.

Files have been compressorized.

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