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Regency Day Dresses for Child and Toddler Females

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Uploaded: 27th Nov 2022 at 2:40 PM
Updated: 27th Nov 2022 at 4:44 PM
One thing that interested me when I started learning about the Regency era was how the length of the skirt could often tell you the age of a girl and how girls didn't lower their skirts to floor length until they were ready to debut in society and that and putting their hair up was a sign that they were old enough for marriage. However, all the teen/child/toddler/YA sim clothes I had were floor length.

So I was delighted to find Cupcakeyy's ankle length dresses here and here. But neither of them were for children or toddlers.

So, after arguing with several meshes, I managed to convert them. Both dresses are full body everyday outfits and they are for child and toddler females. The child dresses have a fat morph.

The first dress, the Cotillion dress, is a mix of Trapping's puff sleeved dress here and Cocomama's Victorian nightgown here for toddlers and the mesh from my puff sleeved nighties here, with Sanneke94's flats here for children. They come in the same 12 patterns as Cupcakeyy's originals. I couldn't get the fichu to work with the toddler mesh, so I removed it.

The second dress, the Morning Crossed dress, has the same bottom meshes as the first dress, combined with the top from Aligeth's Little Boy Blue nightshirt here for toddlers and the top from the Princess gown in the third post here for children. They come in 16 Yeti colours.

Thanks to:

The Dark Project

simmer22, for forum help.

Polygon Counts:

cfregdressshort = 2599
pfregdressshort = 1932
cfregdresslongsleeve = 1964
pfregdresslongsleeve = 1712