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4to3 Animal Topiaries & Starter Hedge Conversion

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Uploaded: 28th Dec 2022 at 3:46 AM
I always loved the topiaries from sims 4, but sadly they haven't been converted to sims 3 yet.
So this is my first batch of these topiaries conversion

I originally wanted to use the foliage shader so they can have a small wind blown animation, but they will have this weird shadow effect and really bad jitter. I believe this is because of their sims 4 mesh. So, I decided to use phong shader instead. Now they will have proper shadow and no jittering. They also don't have occlusion shadow, similar to other shrubs.

  • costs $50
  • 1 environment value
  • original sims 4 item description
  • cloned from base game object
  • you can add all of them to your game
  • found in build mode > shrubs
  • no recolor option, they're shrubs
  • high poly warning (bolded text below)

Poly count:

  • Base Game:
  • Lotta Llama Topiary
    size: 2x1
    hLOD: 1174
    mLOD: 498
  • Topiary Master’s Elephant
    size: 3x2
    hLOD: 1957
    mLOD: 718
  • Starter Hedge
    size: 1x1
    hLOD: 446
    mLOD: 280

    Cats & Dogs:
  • Cat Lover's Topiary
    size: 1x1
    hLOD: 772
    mLOD: 292
  • Proud Poodle Topiary
    size: 1x1
    hLOD: 756
    mLOD: 498

    Cottage Living:
    (I have used mLOD and lowLOD Sims 4 mesh for these, but they still have high poly)
  • An Ode to Chickens - the Topiary
    size: 2x1
    hLOD: 1255
    mLOD: 516
  • Bessie the Cow Topiary
    size: 2x1
    hLOD: 1390
    mLOD: 440
  • Little Wabbit - Rabbit Topiary
    size: 1x1
    hLOD: 942
    mLOD: 322

Have fun

Credits: Original mesh by EA
Tools used: TSRW, s3pe, s3oc, s3rc, milkshape, photoshop