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4to3 Spa Day Freefall Water Wall Set Conversion *Requires WA*

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Uploaded: 14th Jan 2023 at 3:54 PM
Updated: 20th Jan 2023 at 2:26 PM
Update 20/01/2023: Version 2 footprint fix

Original Description

I really liked these fountain from Sims 4 Spa Day. But since no one has converted them yet, so this is my first attempt at converting these kind of animated objects

  • They are cloned from World Adventures (WA) 2x2 lion fountain for its water splashing sound, so you need to have WA installed
  • You can add all of them to your game
  • Original sims 4 item description, price & environment value
  • Found in buy mode > by object > decor > sculptures
  • 3 recolor channel available
  • Each item only has 1 preset

Item Details & Polycount:

Technical Details:

Known Issues

Fixed Issues


Credits: Original mesh by EA
Tools used: TSRW, s3pe, s3oc, s3rc, milkshape, photoshop