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Clean Riverblossom Hills with Scripted Events

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2023 at 3:10 PM
I present to you, an clean EP world with Scripted Events!
What is this?

This is Riverblossom Hills (Nhood that came with "Seasons") but with scripted events like the base game neighborhoods.

How did you make this?

I followed redandvidya's tutorial on making custom scripted notifications, then i placed the scripts package in the neighborhood folder.

Scripted Events
All families (except the Bin families) have an scripted event here, it will guide you to do a "move on" on the Sims story

Viejo Family: It's telling Betty to invite Leod McGreggor over and make him fall in love with her, since she wants to marry him for his money. (Image 2)
McGreggor: Indicates Leod to re-plant his farm's seeds, and to also make him fall in love (if you follow the play order you will probably make him marry Betty from the Viejo family. (Image 3)
Greenman Family: Says that Jason should plant some seeds in his garden and make him buy some orchad trees, then bug spray them when they are infested, so he can become a PlantSim. (Image 4)
Roth Family: Influences Stella to invite someone over to make her happier, since she's not in love with Morty anymore, you might want to cause an affair. (Image 5)
Wan Household: It says that Cleo is wanting to do something exciting on the small town, which is gonna be to try to make Leod McGreggor notice her. (Image 6)
O'Mackey Family: Basically Jules wants to be an Overachiever, make her get an A+, and make her get a part-time job in Journalism. (Image 7)
Important Notes
This is made on meetmetotheriver's Clean Riverblossom Hills Template.
No lots were re-modeled.
Neighborhood now has a better quality video preview, made possible with ammar2's custom .reia tool.
Without SimPE this would never exist!
To the original custom scripted event package by Chris Hatch.
That's it, if there's any bugs or errors, please tell me.