Clean Riverblossom Hills With Townies and NPCs

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Uploaded: 30th Mar 2022 at 4:46 PM
Updated: 20th Aug 2022 at 5:22 PM
Update 4
I figured out how to add the Maxis NPCs; so I made a 2nd version that also includes the Maxis NPCs.
All Townies and NPCs are identical to how they are in the original Maxis hood in this version

This is meetmetotheriver's clean Riverblossom Hills but with the maxis townies added back in with their original personalities intact.

If you are wondering how I did this. I extracted their looks from the original maxis hood in SimPe, cloned them in BodyShop in order to avoid corruption, recreated then in CAS, and finally moved them onto an empty lot where I set them up and turned them into townies.

To install you simply delete the G001 folder in your Neighborhoods folder and drag in this one.

Version Compatibly
All versions of this hood were made with the Ultimate Collection so I believe that you need Mansion & Garden Stuff to use it.

Some things to note
*A lot of the townies in the original have no job, skills, lifetime want, or interest set and they are just randomly generated. All of the townies have all of that set in this version.
*I made sure all of the townies' outfits, lifetime wants, and careers are all from either base game or seasons.
*All adult townies do not have the meet mystery sim memory.

*Corrected the names of 3 townies (I accidentally misspelled them). If you have already started using this hood, then you can easily correct the names yourself using either sim blender or simPE.
The 3 townies you need to correct are:
Lakshmi Wong
Trevor Schehl
Jane Copur

Update 2
*Added a shopping district version for people that play uberhoods.

Update 3
*If you were playing on the disc version of the game then all of the townie would not have their maxis names in the main hood version for some reason. This has been fixed.
*The subhood version now has a different filename then the main hood version which fixes an issue where the subhood version would not show up in game.