LOD90 fix for "Creaky Branches Designer Tree" (NL)

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Uploaded: 8th Jan 2024 at 12:14 PM
Updated: 25th Jan 2024 at 1:47 PM
This is a simple override for the Creaky Branches Designer Tree included with Nightlife (the spooky dead cemetery tree). Maxis didn't define a LOD90 for it, without which it can't show up in Neighborhood view. Surprisingly, I couldn't find that anyone had fixed this over the years, so I decided to do it myself. It turned out to be a very trivial fix!

Nightlife is required to to use this fix, since this tree is only included with that expansion pack.

Place this mod in your Downloads folder (don't worry, this will not cause the tree to show a CC star in the catalog), and this tree can now be seen on lots in the Neighborhood view.

Please note that if you have any lots with this tree already placed on them, you'll need to load and update the lot for them to show up (just move a random object on the lot, or something, and then save and return to Neighborhood view).

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