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No More Concrete: Bridgeport Grass Terrain Replacer

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Uploaded: 1st Jun 2024 at 10:10 PM

Are you tired of Downtown looking like a big grey blob, with trees growing out of concrete? Do you want a new terrain texture that keeps a distinct look from standard terrain without looking too unnatural? Then consider this mod!

This is a default replacement for the Concrete terrain type that replaces the standard, snow, and roads with textures from Bridgeport. No more ugly and flat grey textures plaguing you when you look off the lot - now, the subhood should look a lot more natural while keeping a distinct vibe from the standard lush terrain.


There are two packages: the concrete one replaces the terrain textures, while the roads one replaces the roads. I separated the two so that other default roads can be used with this set, if you so choose. If you are, just don't include the roads package in your Downloads folder.


Credit to Maxis for the Bridgeport textures which I edited for this.
Thanks to CuriousB, whose replacements I inspected to figure out what textures I needed to replace.