Changing Table Choice Fixes

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Uploaded: 27th May 2024 at 8:39 PM
In the game, Sims can change a baby/toddler's diaper autonomously. They may change it on the spot or use a changing table if the closest available one is within 6 tiles of the Sim (referred later as maximum guaranteed distance), or, in 33% of cases, if it's further away.

This mod corrects some oversights in that interaction. The special versions of the mod also make other changes.

With this mod, a Sim performing the Change Diaper interaction on a baby/toddler:
  • can choose a changing table other than the base-game one* named Sanitation Station Baby Changing Table – originally Sims ignore other changing tables, such as the one introduced in FreeTime (this was fixed in FreeTime, but broken again in Apartment Life).
  • can no longer choose a changing table that is in:
    • an inaccessible room (only if you have FreeTime, Apartment Life, or Mansion & Garden Stuff installed),
    • an apartment that does not belong to them or to the baby/toddler's family.
  • chooses a changing table based on its distance from the baby/toddler instead of from himself/herself, since they need to take the baby/toddler first anyway.
  • can no longer choose a changing table that is more than 30 tiles away.
  • conditionalDistance versions only:
    • can choose the closest available changing table only within N tiles of the baby/toddler, where N is a number between 8 and 30, depending on their personality and mood:
      • 1 tile for each point of being neat,
      • 1 tile for each point of being active,
      • -10 to 10 tiles for their mood – the better mood the more tiles,
      • N is the sum of the values above if it's at least 8, otherwise N is 8.
  • alsoPlayerDirected versions only:
    • may choose a changing table even if the interaction is directed by the player – in an unmodded game, the Sim always changes the baby/toddler's diaper on the spot in such a case.
*Custom changing tables will be recognized only if their object category is 0x00D5 (213).

Use only one version at a time.

If you have one of the following pre-release mods, delete them before you install this mod:
  • simler90-simNopke-lookingForChangingTableChanges
  • simler90-simNopke-lookingForChangingTableChanges-playerDirectedEnabled

Known issues
If a Sim can't reach the closest changing table, they won't change the diaper on the spot. This also happens in an unmodified game.

Conflicting modWay to resolveComment
Baby Toddler Mod by simler90My mod must load after simler90's mod.My mod includes most of the (mostly undescribed) features of simler90's mod regarding changing table choices, but it doesn't change the maximum guaranteed distance in its ordinary version. Simler90's mod changes it from 6 to 9, but the description doesn't mention this.
My mod is also compatible with pre-Apartment-Life versions of the game, while simler90's mod is not.
Auto Change Table by Chris HatchDon't use it with my mod.The alsoPlayerDirected versions of my mod include almost all features of Chris Hatch's mod. The description doesn't mention that Chris Hatch's mod increases the maximum guaranteed distance from 6 to 8 tiles. This is the only feature that is not included in my mod.

Overridden resources
Resource nameType nameGroup/object nameTypeGroupInstance
Object FunctionsChanging Table0x4F424A660x7FCBF87D0x000041A9
Function - Init - ABehaviour FunctionChanging Table0x424841560x7FCBF87D0x00001001
Social - Baby/Toddler - ChangeBehaviour FunctionPersonGlobals0x424841560x7F01EC290x0000206E

New resources
Resource nameType nameGroup/object nameTypeGroupInstance
Function - Load - ABehaviour FunctionChanging Table0x424841560x7FCBF87D0x00001062
Social - Baby/Toddler - ChangeEdith Simantics Behaviour LabelsPersonGlobals0x545052500x7F01EC290x0000206E

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